Folklore dancegroup

The Tjonger Skotsploech Heerenveen was established in 1974 and owes its name to the Tjonger, a canalized river in the southern part of the province of Friesland.
The members of the group are dressed in traditional old Frisian costumes, similar to those worn by the rich Frisian farmers class in the period between 1850 and 1860.

This unique costume, which is kept up by the Tjonger Skotsploech Heerenveen, is a witness to the prosperity of the farmers class.
Due to the butterexport, which had its peak in 1850, the farmers were in a position to show their wealth by means of exclusive ornaments to their neighbourhood.

Very special are the valuable ornaments of the ladies , such as the silver chatelainebag and chatelaine , golden necklaces and bracelets and the broad golden or silver casque (a cap covering the entire head).

The men wear a pair of black knickerbockers with blue stockings, a black coat and a top hat.
All ornamented wilt silver buttons, claps, signets with a watch , or a watch on a chain.

The Tjonger Skotsploech Heerenveen has a dancing program completed with a costumes show from 1780 until 1950.
For a performance we make a choice from about 20 costumes.